Palu Travel Guide


Palu, an introduction


Palu is the capital of Central Sulawesi Province. This city is located at 0-700 metres above sea level on the Equator. Palu is divided into four sub-districts and 43 villages offering many tourism spots you can visit

Palu History

The name Palu is taken from the word “Topalu’e” which means “lifted land”. It was a small town and the capital of Palu Kingdom before taken over by the Dutch during the colonization era. The Dutch came in the time of King Maili (Mangge Risa) seeking protection from Manado in 1868. After King Maili was killed in the Kayumalue Battle, the next king, King Jodjokodi signed an agreement with the Dutch on May 1st, 1888.

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things to see

Things to see

You can visit Mantantimali, Panasibaja or Bolobia village to feel the country atmosphere in Palu. Those villages are located on mountain and lived by Da’a tribe, a sub-ethnic of Kaili tribe.

You can also go to Dombu village to see tree-houses. In Sou Raja, you’ll be able to see stage-houses which are the inheritance of Kaili tribe’s ancestors. Sou Raja itself means House of King, known also as Banua Mbaso.

For you who are interested to see some museums, you can visit Central Sulawesi Museum. This museum has various collections of geology, biology, ethnography, archaeology, filology and also arts.

things to do

Things to do

At Mount Gawalise you can go trekking and hiking in the jungle. If you want to see beautiful sight of a beach at night, you should go to Talise Beach which is also the main highlight in Palu. There’s Lore Rindu National Park, a conservation area you can visit. In the park you can interact with some original animals of Sulawesi.

things to eat

Things to eat

The local specialty in Palu is Kaledo which is a soup of oxbones mixed with tamarind and chilli. Kaledo is often eaten with boiled cassava. There’s also merunggai leaf (uta kelo), a typical vegetable soup of Kaili made of merunggai leaf with coconut milk added with some other ingredients.

For snacks, you can try lalampa or roasted gogos. This food is filled with fish and cooking spices covered with banana leaf. A delicious snack to taste.

Things to see and do near Palu

Airport at Palu

Palu is served by the Mutiara Airport.

Mutiara Airport (PLW) is located 10 km from the city of Palu.

Entering the city from the airport

Public transport is difficult to arrange, so best is to take a metered taxi for about Rp 40,000 from or to the city centre.

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